Play Safe

Always be aware and respectful of your real world surroundings when playing MapStrike.
Here are a few tips on how to play safe

– Avoid traffic 

– Don’t trespass 

– Be respectful of other people
– Play with people you know and/or trust 

– Do not use MapStrike while driving
– Be careful around heights

– Be sure to look up from the screen and orient yourself of your real world surroundings

– Protect yourself in the sun
– Stay away from dangerous areas
– Stay hydrated 


Save Battery

Running a state of the art blaster on your phone of course takes some battery power. This is something we are constantly working on improving, but in the meantime there are certain things and settings on your phone that you can turn off to save battery life

– Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth if you don’t need them
While connecting to a strong, stable Wifi hotspot is better for your phone trying to search for varying 3G signals (such as if you’re playing in a fixed location) your phone constantly trying to search for and connect to new hotspots when on the go will drain your battery – and can also confuse the game a little as it tries to pull data from multiple sources.

– Close all other apps running in the background
If possible, close all apps that are running in the background while you’re playing MapStrike. That way, your phone doesn’t waste energy on apps you’re not using.

– Use your phone’s Low Power mode
This means your phone will stop performing certain tasks in the background, from downloads to app usage and visual effects, and will extend your battery more than you think.

– Dim your screen as much as possible
This is difficult if you’re playing outside in the sun, but dimming the screen will help reduce battery a surprising amount.

– Turn down/off the phone volume and vibration
If your phone volume is turned up and playing the game’s music and sound, this can also be a strain on battery life. Consider muting your phone’s volume, or even turning off music and or sound effects & vibrations from the game’s Settings menu.

You may also consider purchasing a battery pack
If even after the above battery saving tips you could still do with a top up on the move, then purchasing a battery pack could do the trick, whether it’s a small and very portable device or something a little more heavy duty for those longer battles.