Multiplayer FPS
In the Real World

MapStrike turns your phone into a blaster and your neighborhood into an interactive battleground for you and your friends!

How it Feels

How it Works

Step 1

The battlefield.
Create a new battle for you and your friends or join a battle within 100 m

Step 2

Choose your blaster.
Each blaster is unique so make sure
you find your perfect one

Step 3

Go battle!
Capture zones, blast enemies and stay alive to get points & win the battle

The Blaster

Using your phones GPS and magnetometer the MapStrike app turns your phone into an awesome blaster! 
Just point your phone at an enemy and shoot.

Blasters vary in damage, bullets, reach and reload time so choose carefully. 

Grenades, airstrikes, mines & much more can be earned by doing well in battle.

The Battlefield

Draw an interactive battleground on top of your real world surroundings and add some zones.
Nearby players and friends can then join your battle and just slide their avatar to pick a team before you launch the battle.
Your team is always shown in blue and enemies are shown in orange. 

Control zones and blast enemies to get points for you and your team and win the battle before time runs out.

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